PNB Course

practice and theory

PNB Course practice and theory

PNB nautical qualification Attributions – Boat Navigation Master

Steering of motor leisure boats and sailboats (if sailboat optional practice is made) up to 8 meters length. Whenever the boat doesn’t get away more than 5 miles from a port, coast or warm place for boats. Day and night sailing is allowed. Steering of all kind of jet skis.

PNB qualification Requirements – Boat Navigation Master

To obtaining PNB qualification (Boat Navigation Master) is required:

  • Being 18 years old, or 16 with parental permission and the ID copy of the father, mother or legal representative.
  • Making a medical test. Psychotechnical test
  • Passing the PNB qualification theoretical exam with 27 questions
  • Making the PNB obligatory practice, with VHF radio (4h).
  • Making the PNB qualification security and sailing obligatory practice (8h).
  • Optional sailboat practice (16h) (once made, this practice is validated for next nautical qualification exams).

PNB nautical qualification Price – Boat Navigation Master

  • PNB theoretical course: 200 euro
  • Obligatory PNB Motor Boat Practice, (8 hours): 100 euro/li>
  • Obligatory PNB radio Practice (4 hours): 75 euro
  • PNB Qualification Pack: theory + obligatory practice + sailboat: 500 euro


  • VAT and instructional materials included
  • Xunta fees, theoretical exam, card expedition and psichotechnical test Not included.
  • Payment facilities
  • Special prices for groups. Consult